Book Review

LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE by Sloane Crosley

Rating: 3.5/5

LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE by Sloane Crosley is one of the books I was lucky to win in a giveaway from the Reading Women and Picador so it seemed an appropriate collection of essays to read to fulfill the Essays prompt for the Reading Women’s birthday month game of bingo!

I wasn’t familiar with Sloane Crosley going into this collection, nor was I very familiar with the TV show Gossip Girl referenced in the blurbs (she briefly made an appearance on the show as herself), so I went into this collection pretty much blind. The essays range in length from a paragraph to much longer discussions on a wide range of topics from neighbors to vacation adventures to fertility.

As is the case with I think many collections of written works, my overall impressions were a mixed bag. As a writer, Crosley brings a good amount of humor to her writing which I appreciated and the book did make me actually laugh out loud quite a few times.

Some of her anecdotes are very relatable, such as her discussion about noisy neighbors as my own neighbors were being excessively noisy over the past weekend too! Her growing obsession over her young neighbor’s movements was a little less relatable.

Some of the essays were entirely out of my frame of reference, such as her “plan” to climb a volcano which actually involved no planning or preparation and thus predictably ran into some complications! The discussion of her appearance on Gossip Girls likely would have meant more to me if I recognized the names being dropped.

Overall, LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE provided an enjoyable, quick and easy read and a few good laughs along the way. I would definitely read more from this author, though I can’t say I’m prioritizing seeking more out.

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