Book Review

THE WEDDING DATE by Jasmine Guillory

Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE WEDDING DATE by Jasmine Guillory was my pick for the wedding prompt on this year’s Popsugar Reading Challenge. It also conveniently checks off the Romance square on the Reading Women’s Podacast birthday bingo!

This book follows Alexa and Drew, two strangers that meet when they get stuck in an elevator during a power outage. While spilling secrets during their time together, Drew shares that he is in town to be in his former best friend’s wedding to his former girlfriend and he convinces Alexa to stand in as his date / girlfriend for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. As the weekend draws to a close, the pair want to spend more time together and a long distance relationship ensues with a lot of trips to the airport.

Having flown through LAX many a time in my life, the least believable part of the story was finding any relationship with someone you just met worth spending time at the airport every weekend. That aside, this book did deliver exactly what I expected– a generally light hearted romance with a predictably happy ending.

I had previously already read the sequel to this novel (THE PROPOSAL) without realizing at the time that it was a sequel. I had enjoyed that one for a quick, light read, but wasn’t blown away by it. As it turns out, I think I enjoyed THE WEDDING DATE more than the follow up novel. 

This discerning critic, my pup Kylee, was a big fan of the book!

I sometimes need to read something light and fun between heavier reads and this book delivered exactly that. I would definitely read more from Jasmine Guillory when I’m in the mood for a quick romance in the future.

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