Book Review

THROUGH THE WOODS by Emily Carroll

Rating: 5 / 5

THROUGH THE WOODS by Emily Carroll is a graphic novel which tells five horror stories. I had seen this pop up in a booktube review or two and when I went googling for graphic novels written by women for the #RWM19 bingo board, this one was on the list. As I’m a fan of horror fiction, it seemed a good choice.

Before taking part in a few reading challenges over the past few years I had never really read graphic novels. I still wouldn’t stay that they’re my go to choice for reading format, but I no longer feel entirely out of my comfort zone when this type of prompt comes up on a challenge. I find that I really enjoy the books I have picked up for a change of pace.

I really enjoyed this book and the style it is both written and illustrated in. The illustrations are pretty bleak, a lot of black, brown and grey with pops of color which draw the eye. The graphics are sufficiently creepy with animal attacks, blood and illustrated gore.

This book delivers on the back cover’s promise of “five mysterious, spine-tingling stories”. For me, each story evoked the feeling of ghost stories best told around the campfire late at night. There is danger lurking in the woods and you might not emerge exactly the same as you were when you entered!

If you enjoy a good scary story, then this is a graphic novel definitely worth picking up! Picking up the ingredients to make some s’mores would be an added bonus!

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