Book Review

DUMA KEY by Stephen King

Rating: 5 / 5

I have been slowly going through Stephen King’s backlist, reading or reading mostly in order to pick up some that I had missed and revisit some old favorites. Timing worked out perfectly when I saw that the King Buddy Reads group on Instagram was going to be reading DUMA KEY in July since that was the next book on my list. DUMA KEY was a reread for me and I remember loving it on audio when it was first released in 2008, but I was eager to revisit in print.

DUMA KEY by Stephen King follows Edgar Freemantle, a man who is part of a terrible construction accident in which he loses an arm and severely damages the rest of his body, including his brain. He is left struggling with depression and fighting to regain his language and physical functioning. It is recommended that he try a change of scenery so he books a beach house on the waters of Duma Key in Florida.

Edgar has spent some time doing a little drawing in his past, not much more than doodles while on the phone, but the beautiful coastline in Duma Key inspires him and it turns out he has quite the talent. Not only does he paint some awe inspiring sunsets, but it turns out there is something supernatural going on in Duma Key as well and his paintings take on even more significance.

While in Duma Key, Edgar gets to know his landlord and neighbor Elizabeth Eastlake, an elderly woman who is losing her battle with dementia, but has a complicated history having grown up on Duma Key. He also befriends Elizabeth’s caretaker, Wireman who is quite the character himself and slowly reveals his difficult past and the impact of Duma Key on his life.

This book has been just as wonderful as I remembered it. The book is written in such a visual way. It translates well in both audio and in print. Between the art being described and the sometimes creepy and sometimes relaxing murmuring of the seashells shifting under the house where Edgar stays on Duma Key, this is a book that leaves lasting impressions in my mind.

I think that this book ranks high on my list of Stephen King favorites and it receives a full five stars from me for the second time. It is a chunky book, but relatively short by King book standards at about 600 pages. It reads very quickly as you get sucked into the story. I highly recommend DUMA KEY!

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