Book Review

DOG ON IT by Spencer Quinn

Rating: 2.5 / 5

The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge had a prompt for a non-human POV and the recent Reading Rush readathon had a prompt for a non-human main character, so DOG ON IT by Spencer Quinn made it onto my reading list. There was of course no doubt that Kylee would have to pose with (or on) this one!

DOG ON IT is a novel told entirely from the POV of Chet. Chet is the canine companion or private detective Bernie and it is the first book in a series. In this story, Chet and Bernie are investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl named Madison. She is reported to be a stellar student and wholly reliable, but of course her mom doesn’t know the full story. Bernie isn’t convinced initially that she’s even missing, much less kidnapped, but he is in need of some quick cash.

This is a very unique way to tell the story as Chet’s voice is prone to go on tangents (how often do you have a narrator distracted by eating ants?) and drift away as Chet snoozes while the humans talk. When forces intervene to separate Chet from his master, we spend a time following Chet without actually knowing what is going on with the investigation. At times Chet knows things that he has no way to communicate to Bernie.

The canine POV brought across several humors moments, but as a whole it just didn’t keep me engaged for a full length novel, much less a series. Even as much as I am certainly a dog lover, the limited perspective kept me a little disengaged from the story.

Unfortunately DOG ON IT was just not a great fit for me, but it still was a bit of fun and something a lot different from my general read!

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