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Rating: 4 / 5

When I read THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD by Agatha Christie earlier this year, it was the first Christie novel I had picked up in years. I rediscovered an old favorite and vowed to pick up more of her books! In August, my friend Mary (@ahatforeveryread) is hosting #AgathainAugust with weekly prompts celebrating Agatha Christie, so it was a perfect time to follow through on my plan! In browsing the used bookstore recently, I stumbled on this book which worked perfectly since I also needed to read a book which involved a setting such as a vicarage for one of my Popsugar Reading Challenge prompts!

THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE marks the debut of one of Agatha Christie’s much loved characters, Miss Marple. In this case, a much hated man, Colonel Protheroe has been shot through the head at Miss Marple’s local vicarage. Surprisingly no one seems to have heard the gun shot, leading much speculation as to what exactly happened. There are no shortage of suspects given that the colonel seems to have given many people a reason to want him gone. Miss Marple investigates along with the local police.

I enjoyed getting reintroduced to Miss Marple in this story. Unlike Christie’s other detective Poirot who was on the case in my read earlier this year, Miss Marple comes across as your everyday, elderly neighbor, but she’s keenly observant and has a great skill at picking up on the clues the police may be missing. She’s a woman that you can feel like sitting down with for a cup of tea (or in my case, coffee please!).

I will be continuing to add some Agatha Christie to my reading plans in the future!

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