Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB by Craig Davidson was the August book pick for the Grim Readers Book Club. It was billed as being in the vein of Stranger Things and Stand by Me which made me excited to pick it up.

THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB tells the story of Jake Baker, a kid growing up in 1980s Niagra Falls. Jake is a 12 year old kid in need of friends, ditched and picked on by his former best friend. He spends much of his time with his uncle Calvin, an eccentric man who lives for conspiracy theory and stories of the occult. When Jake makes some new friends, Calvin initiates a Saturday Night Ghost Club and takes them around to some potentially haunted settings to encounter the supernatural. Calvin seems to be the master of the ghost story, telling tales steeped in local lore and urban myths which leave Jake and the reader questioning what is lurking behind these tales.

This was a fun, quick read with a little air of creepy mystery. It had the feeling of ghost stories being told around the campfire (even before the characters actually do tell a story around the campfire). I have to say that it did leave me wanting to roast some s’mores over aq campfire, but I had to settle for chocolate chip cookies! The book does have some Stranger Things vibes given the 1980s setting and kids going up against the unknown, though there is much less actual confrontation of the supernatural. I’d say this book is focused on Jake’s coming of age story and the other characters’ stories much more than the ghost story elements, but there are some creepy moments in the story as well.

This was a very fun read and absolutely recommended if you want a book that is light on horror, but brings some fun, creepy ghost stories into your life.

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