Book Review

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen M. McManus

Rating: 5 / 5

I am a big fan of The Breakfast Club, so hearing that this book was somewhat of a play on the classic gave it a spot on my TBR quite a while back. It has been recommended to me many a time, so I was excited to finally squeeze it into a TBR recently given the prompts for the recent Reading Rush readathon.

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen M. McManus finds five very different stereotypical students in detention. Bronwyn is the Yale hopeful geek and apparent good girl, Cooper is the jock golden boy, Nate is the criminal bad boy, Addy is the princes and prom queen and Simon is the outsider who looks down on his classmates and posts the gossip they’d rather keep secret for all the world to see.

No one is quite sure how they wound up in detention, but things take a dark turn right away when Simon seemingly suffers from a severe allergic reaction and passes away. It turns out he was about to post some dirty secrets about Bronwyn, Cooper, Nate and Addy and the four teens find themselves under suspicion of murder. Investigators conclude it’s no accident. All of them are suspects.

As the story progresses, switching POV between the teens, the investigation continues. As the teens’ secrets begin to come out and they must deal with the consequences, they are left to wonder what is going on. They do some investigating on their own to try to uncover the truth.

This was a really fun YA thriller and while I did begin to suspect what was going on pretty early on, there were still some unexpected twists thrown at me that I didn’t see coming. Even what I did expect was written well enough that I didn’t mind having a clue ahead of time.

Don’t go into this one expecting a Breakfast Club retelling with a murder twist. The premise begins the same, but it goes an entirely different route from there. ONE OF US IS LYING is a good thriller to pick up when you’re looking for a fun, quick read! I will be eagerly awaiting the 2020 sequel release, ONE OF US IS NEXT.

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