Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE FIRST MISTAKE by Sadie Jones is a book that I had put on hold at the library back when it first came out, but then suspended the hold because I was overwhelmed with the number of books I already had. It seems I wasn’t paying much attention to how long I paused it for because suddenly the notice came that it was ready for me! Good thing it hit at the perfect time for a quick and fun thriller break!

THE FIRST MISTAKE begins with Alice, a woman who has dealt with tragedy in her life after the unexpected death of her husband. She still has struggles, but she has built a successful company and has a loving husband and two children. When things happen to start making her doubt her husband (flowers showing up addressed to someone else, mysterious texts, etc.), Alice begins to doubt herself and her husband. Alice turns to her best friend Beth as her confidant and sounding board to help her figure out what is going on.

THE FIRST MISTAKE was a gripping story that helped me get past a recent the little slump I’ve been having with my reading. There were warning signs from the beginning that caught my attention and gave me a good idea of what twists were coming at me, but I didn’t predict them all. It is hard to address some of the features of the book without giving away spoilers, but I will say that the author changes up the narrative in a way that helps to fuel the mystery which I appreciated.

I really enjoyed the way Sadie Jones built up the story in this book and the tension she maintained throughout. While some of the twists seemed pretty standard for thrillers, I was kept wondering and guessing throughout much of the book on some of them which I really appreciated.

Overall I felt like this was a fun, engaging read and I’m glad the library sent it in my direction, even if I wasn’t quite anticipating it!

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