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Rating: 4 / 5

This year’s Around the World in 52 Books reading challenge has a prompt for a book you’ve owned for at least a year, but haven’t read yet. In browsing my shelves, I happened on QUICKER THAN THE EYE by Ray Bradbury which is a book I’ve owned for many years, but hadn’t yet started. I like to keep a collection of short stories on my currently reading shelf to pick up between longer reads, so this seemed a perfect choice.

QUICKER THAN THE EYE is a collection of 21 short stories, most taking that “short” description to heart. The stories are widely varied from an older couple trying to outdo each other in their quest to kill each other off to a story tribute to the comfort of the library. Having recently picked up a copy of THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY for an upcoming buddy read, Bradbury’s spin on the story in “Dorian In Excelsus” was a timely surprise.

I have had this book for so long on my shelf that I don’t remember when or where exactly I picked it up. I do know that it was my grandmother who passed along an appreciation for Ray Bradbury, having been a big fan of his. This collection includes humor and sadness, fantasy and reality, so it has a little something for everyone. It was a fun read over the last few months and I’ll look forward into delving into more of Ray Bradbury’s stories.

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