Book Review

REWIND by Catherine Ryan Howard (Out 9/3/2019)

Publication Date: 9/3/2019

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I received an advanced digital galley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and Netgalley for the chance to read and review!

REWIND by Catherine Ryan Howard begins with a gripping scene, a woman is seen sleeping unaware that there is someone looming over her in the dark. As the reader we witness her murder and apparently so does someone else because the opening concludes with the killer destroying a camera recording the whole thing. From here, REWIND takes the reader on a journey, rewinding to prior events and fast forwarding to events yet to play out . There are no typical chapter numbers, but instead each jump in the story is marked with your typical symbols for rewind, fast-forward, pause, etc. along with time stamps.

There’s Andrew, the manager of the Shanamore Holiday Cottages in Ireland where this event has taken place. He’s the guy watching behind the camera, but he’s clueless as to who the masked figure is and how they knew the camera was even there. There’s Natalie, an Instagram influencer who’s used to living in the spotlight but now trying to fly under the radar. There’s Audrey, a reporter who doesn’t typically follow the real news, but she senses there’s a story behind Natalie’s Instagram hiatus.

I hadn’t read anything by Catherine Ryan Howard, but she has received a lot of acclaim, including a Edgar Award nomination for Best Novel on her last book, THE LIAR’S GIRL. The premise and the author made me very excited to pick this one up and I was not disappointed! The opening of the book immediately had me hooked and I couldn’t tear myself away from the story to determine what exactly happened!

The time jumps initially left me unsure sure how much attention I needed to be paying to the timestamps given (i.e., Fast-Forward 0:00:44 vs. Rewind 0:00:17), but I realized that if I just paid attention to the story, it was easy to get into the pace. I would say that if you are a reader that wants things to happen sequentially and do not enjoy time jumps, this likely isn’t the book for you, but the sequencing of the book was very well done to add to the tension and suspense!

Overall, I found the mystery compelling and the story very engaging. Some things I saw coming (I mean, you do get the murder in the first couple of pages), but there were little elements of the story that the author dropped in that kept me guessing on how the different timelines would all meet up!

You will want to check out REWIND when it releases on 9/3/2019! For me, I will be adding Catherine Ryan Howard’s prior novels to my TBR!

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