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Rating: 4 / 5

I’ve been so eager to read THE WHISPER MAN by Alex North, so much so that it was finally a reason to sign up for Book of the Month! The hype behind this one was strong and lots of people I trust loved this book, so I had to veer off my TBR this month to squeeze this one in over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

THE WHISPER MAN finds Tom Kennedy and his son Jake dealing with the aftermath of the death of Jake’s mother and Tom’s wife. Hoping that a fresh start will help them to move on, Tom purchases a new home in a new town. The new town of Featherbank isn’t quite the idyllic location Tom had hoped for because it seems that this town has fallen prey to a serial killer in its past. The Whisper Man abducted and murdered five children, luring his victims by whispering at their windows at night.

As Tom and Jake start to integrate themselves into their new home, another young boy goes missing. Though the known killer is behind bars, this new case raises questions of a possible accomplice or a copycat. Detectives must reach out to the convicted Whisper Man while Tom must deal with the potential danger to his son.

I really enjoyed this book overall, though it didn’t really give me the scare I’ve heard others mention. To be fair, I do read a lot of thrillers and horror novels, so my threshold is likely higher than some. I do think there were some great chilling and disturbing moments (whispers at the window, child abductions, etc.), but the story was more of a mystery and a character study than a typical thriller for me.

I think this novel does a great job examining the relationships between father and son. It also tackles the issue of grief as well and the trauma that Jake went through in the loss of his mother. I felt that the characters and the story were well developed and well written with enough twists and questions along the way to keep me flipping pages.

I read a potion of this book on audio in addition to having the print copy and the audio is very well done as well, so I highly recommend you check that out if you enjoy a good audio book!

I really enjoyed THE WHISPER MAN and I will certainly be looking to read more from Alex North in the future!

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