Book Review

THE HOMECOMING by Andrew Pyper

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE HOMECOMING by Andrew Pyper was the September book pick for the Grim Readers Book Club. I knew absolutely nothing going into this one apart from seeing that it was labeled a psychological thriller.

THE HOMECOMING begins with the Quinlan family dealing with the death of their recently deceased husband/father. Aaron Quinlan, his mother and his two sisters have been summoned to a large estate owned by their father for the reading of the will. This estate, like the man himself, is shrouded in mystery. For the three Quinlan siblings their father was mostly just a man who popped in and out of their lives. They aren’t sure what he did for a living or what this estate was used for.

Hoping to get it over and done with, the family is shocked to hear the stipulations if they wish to inherit the rather sizable inheritance on offer. They agree to comply for the sake of the inheritance, but things quickly turn dark with more twists and questions than answer as they attempt to figure out what this place really is.

This is not a book that I can say much about – there are significant twists thrown in from the very beginning. What I can say is that I really did love this book! It was dark and had a strong creepiness factor that I was in the mood for! Though I mostly stuck to the reading schedule laid out for the book club, the story kept with me and I was ready to dive right back into the story to get answers.

This is a book that leaves some questions unanswered. I would say that the majority of questions do get some resolution, but this is a book that really plays with your mind. In the beginning you are already questioning who the father was, what he was doing when he wasn’t with his family and what this estate was all about. The questions only get more bizarre from there!

I really suggest going into this one blind and I do suggest going into it! If you like a mind bending, chilling story, this one should be on your TBR. This was my first book by Andrew Pyper, but I will be adding more to my shelf ASAP!

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