Book Review

THE SHAPE OF NIGHT by Tess Gerritsen (Out 10/1/2019!!)

Publication Date: 10/1/2019

Rating: 3 / 5

I received an advance digital galley for an honest review. Thank you to Ballantine Books / Random House Publishing and Netgalley for the chance to read and review!

In THE SHAPE OF NIGHT by Tess Gerritsen Ava Collette is fleeing from a tragedy back home, renting Brodie’s Watch for the summer, an old house on the coast of Maine. A food writer, Ava hopes the isolation will give her time to test recipes and push past her writers block to get her cookbook about New England cuisine completed. Initially the seems cold and austere, but soon it seems the perfect location for her.

It doesn’t take long before she starts to notice that something isn’t entirely right with the house. From late night noises to full apparitions, it is soon clear that the house is haunted. Seeking out answers, Ava begins to gather information on the house she is inhabiting. The house has more than one skeleton in its closet with a string of accidental and unexplained deaths and Ava’s experiences are beginning to take its toll on her.

I have been a fan of Tess Gerritsen for a long time, enjoying many of her past thrillers, so I was very excited to get approved for her newest book on Netgalley. From the synopsis it definitely felt like a great read going into fall and knowing that the main character was a food writer had me even more intrigued!

This book is very well written and delivers a lot of spooky atmosphere in the writing. The mystery about the house was very interesting for me as Ava hears from the locals about past accidents and delves more into doing research about the house’s past. I enjoyed the discussions of local cuisine she’s working on for her cookbook as well!

My reservations about the book center on Ava. She is running from a serious mistake in her past (one that I guessed fairly accurately very early on, though it isn’t really revealed until late in the story). She feels that she deserves punishment, but instead of owning up to what she has done she is led into a situation that feels very Fifty Shades of Gray with a supernatural/ghost twist and this just made this into a book that was not a good fit for me.

This book had a lot going for it even if it wasn’t all great for me. I definitely remain a fan of Tess Gerritsen and will be reading more from her in the future!

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