Book Review

WELL MET by Jen DeLuca

Rating: 3.5 / 5

WELL MET by Jen DeLuca was selected as a buddy read pick with some friends on bookstagram so I was eager to join in. While I wouldn’t say that contemporary romance is a genre comfort zone for me, I do like to pick up some lighter, fun rom-com reads once in a while to break up my heavier and darker reads!

Emily is new to small town living, but when her single mother sister was in a bad car accident that left her unable to take care of herself and her teen daughter, Emily was quick to respond. Taking her niece to volunteer at the local Renaissance Faire goes a bit sideways when Emily learns that she will need to volunteer as well if her niece wants to be part of the faire. Somehow Emily finds herself talked into wearing a corset and acting the part of a bar wench for several weekends out of the summer.

Simon has inherited the faire from his brother and he’s a by the books rule follower who doesn’t appreciate Emily’s more fun loving nature. Emily is therefore shocked when she meets his faire alter ego, a flirty and charming pirate who seems drawn to Emily’s own Emma the bar wench persona. Soon Emily is questioning her attraction to the man she found so initially annoying and her own future once her sister is back on her feet.

This book was a bit of a slow burn for me initially, taking until about a quarter of the way in for me to really engage with the story. I did find the Renaissance Faire setting to be a lot of fun to read about and the characters were a lot of fun. By about the halfway mark, the story definitely was reading much more quickly for me. The story’s progression was a bit predictable, but the unique setting gave it some new twists.

Overall it as a fun story! While I didn’t find that I loved it, I did truly enjoy it. This was the perfect book to break up a lot of back to back thriller reads toward the end of September and I would recommend it for fans of fun rom-coms!

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