Book Review

THE LOST NIGHT by Andrea Bartz

Rating: 4 / 5

I received a complimentary copy of THE LOST NIGHT by Andrea Bartz. Thank you to Crown Publishing and Andrea Bartz for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review.

THE LOST NIGHT begins with Lindsay, a young woman who has built a seemingly good life for herself in present day New York. She has a good job as a magazine’s head fact checker, even if it isn’t the writing job she’d always dreamed of and she has friends she loves. When an old friend moves back to New York, Lindsay agrees to a reunion. As they begin to talk about old times, the subject turns to Edie, their mutual friend who committed suicide back in 2009.

Lindsay is shocked to learn that there were some suspicions at the time that it wasn’t actually a suicide. She’s even more shocked to learn that she and her friend remember the evening’s events very differently. Knowing that she is prone to completely blacking out when drunk as she was on the evening of Edie’s death, Lindsay becomes obsessed with tracking down the truth of what happened ten years prior.

THE LOST NIGHT does a great job of delivering a story in two distinct time periods, slowly unraveling the truth behind Edie’s supposed suicide and Lindsay’s past. I really appreciated the way the author made use of the changes in technology between 2009 and the present day to give a realistic representation of Lindsay’s struggles to uncover the truth! In the modern day, we are so used to life being played out online 24/7, that it was interesting revisiting the world of 2009 when things were quite different!

In the 2009 timeframe, Lindsay and her friends were very young 20 somethings, concerned with living life to the fullest. The author uses old email strings and video camera footage to highlight their drinking, partying and boy crazy life and I really enjoyed the inclusion of this mixed media. 2019 Lindsay is more concerned with keeping a solid head on her shoulders. She’s made a success of herself and seems to have life back on track until the magnetic presence of Edie once again enters her life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery at play and while I did have my suspicions about the culprit partway through (some of which were accurate), I was not at all sure of my guess and certainly didn’t know all of the ins and outs and whys. The author did a good job of throwing in some curves that I didn’t see coming.

The book was a quick read that kept me really engaged to keep going to get the answers I wanted! This was a great thriller for the fall season and I recommend it for a fun read!

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