Book Review

BECOMING by Michelle Obama

Rating: 5 / 5

BECOMING by Michelle Obama is a book that I really wanted on audio after hearing rave reviews, but I also wanted a hard copy too. Trying to get my two holds to line up properly was a bit of a mess at the library, but I finally got the audio to come in when I was number one on the very long library waiting list so was thrilled even if this wasn’t in my original October reading plan. Problem was I got to the library and no one could find my hold even though the computer system said it was on the shelf! Long story short(er), the lovely librarians did their library magic and tracked me down a copy the very next day so I didn’t have to create a new months-long hold request!

BECOMING is a book I had high expectations for and this book measured up to all of them for me! Obviously we know who First Lady Michelle Obama is, she spent plenty of time on our TV and computer screens in features from fashion to politics, but this book looks at Michelle’s life before Barack and politics, the campaign life and their time in the White House, and a bit of life as the former first family. The book is told with some serious messages, but also with humor. She is very up front with issues like marriage counseling, fertility and balancing home life and work life.

I originally put this book on a challenge list as a book by someone you would like to sit down to a meal with. After reading this book and spending hours listening to Michelle Obama, it almost feels like I did. I had a brief period of my life when I worked for a congressional election, so glimpses of the campaign and political life were fun for me. It was interesting to hear about the background to some of her work at the White House, struggles with security and keeping her daughters’ lives as normal as possible, and her portrayal in the media for every fashion choice and facial expression.

I am very glad that I was able to finally check out a copy of this book and highly recommend it!

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