Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

THERE WILL COME A DARKNESS by Katy Rose Pool was September’s YA book from Unplugged Book Box. I had not previously read much about this one, but it seemed a perfect book to add to my recent readathons for October given the beautiful black cover! Not knowing much about what this book was about, I was going in pretty blind.

THERE WILL COME A DARKNESS takes place in a fantasy world. For years the Seven Prophets used their gifts to see the future to rule over humanity, but 100 years ago the prophets disappeared. The hope they left behind them was a final prophesy telling of an age of darkness to come and the birth of a new prophet.

As the foretold time comes about, five main characters come into play, though it isn’t clear if they will be helping to save the world or to bring about its destruction. The book alternates POV between these five characters as their lives begin to intersect. The world is impacted by those full of religious zeal for the prophesy and those bound to overthrow the political order to suit their own needs. All of this begins to come together in this first book in a planned trilogy.

I was left with some mixed feelings about this book. I initially really struggled to get into the book. I think that part of that was the fact that there were five different narrators to get to know and a lot gets thrown at you all at once. I thought the world building was very well done in the book, but it is a lot to learn in addition to the huge cast of characters so it took a while for me to really sink into the narrative.

The relationship building was often really well done, between family members and friends, people removed from those they love and forced to reckon with what they know of the past. Without getting into spoilers, I though the author delved into some of the heartbreaks of the story very well when characters are torn between new relationships and old and between what the heart wants and what the mind knows they are sworn to do.

In the end I think this wasn’t the best fit for me, but I am still very curious to where the story goes from here. I think some of my concerns with this narrative likely come from the fact that this is book one in a series so there was likely a lot more setup, character development and world building going on that is an investment in the plot to come. In the end, this is one that I did find entertaining and I likely will pick up the next book when it comes out!

The full contents of my September YA Unplugged Book Box!

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