Book Review

TH1RT3EN by Steve Cavanagh

Rating: 5 / 5

TH1RT3EN by Steve Cavanagh is a book I’ve been wanting to read since it first came out. I had it on my TBR but had completely forgotten that I had put a hold on the library for it when it first came out until I suddenly got a notice that it was ready for pickup. It was completely not in my plan for October when I picked it up, but thankfully I was able to renew it so I could read it this month.

TH1RT3EN is book four in the Eddie Flynn series, though it works perfectly well as a standalone novel. The book begins from the POV of a serial killer. He is a master manipulator and deceiver, able to work his way into any situation, including working his way onto a jury for a very specific trial. A big name actor is on trial for murdering his wife. The case against him seems air tight, but our killer has a vested interest in seeing the trial play out first hand.

Being a big name celebrity comes with perks and the actor on trial has a big fancy law firm on hand to plead his defense. Eddie Flynn is brought in to assist. Eddie is a flawed man with a fondness for drinking and finding himself in precarious situations. He is hoping to get himself back on track to win back his wife and daughter, but he believes in his defendant and feels he must put himself on the line in his defense.

This book had me hooked from the very beginning. I know I’ve mentioned before that books from alternating POVs can be a bit tough for me at times, but it really worked here. Getting the POV from both Eddie and the killer kept me hooked and equally invested in both. The pacing worked well for me as it balanced the thriller aspects and the growing body count against the courtroom drama.

This is a book that has certainly made its rounds in the book community, but you can add my additional recommendation. If you haven’t picked up a copy of TH1RT3EN yet, I highly recommend it!

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