Book Review

THE HUNT & THE GAUNTLET by Megan Shepherd

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I published my review for THE CAGE by Megan Shephard in September and my overall feelings were very mixed for the book. I liked the premise of the book and some of the world building that went on, but I felt like it was a little too heavy on the teen drama and that the characters really hadn’t put a lot of thought into what they were doing.

As a reminder, THE CAGE begins with Cora Mason, a teen who wakes up in a foreign environment with no idea of how she got there. The world seems impossible – a mix of tundra, jungle, desert and wetlands. As she begins to explore she learns that she isn’t alone, there are four other teens there with similarly blank memories for how they got there. The cage in which they now reside has been created on another world as part of a zoo where the animals on display are human.

I don’t want to go into the synopsis of the two follow up books, THE HUNT and THE GAUNTLET as it would lead to spoilers for the first book, but I did want to do a follow up now that I’ve finished the series. The first book book did leave me with unanswered questions and since I had the second book (THE HUNT) already on my shelf, I decided to pick it up when I needed an easy read recently. Some of the plot points that I didn’t connect with in the first book were resolved and not present in this second installment and I found myself connecting much better with this book. While I didn’t own a copy of the third book (THE GAUNTLET), I was able to check it out from the library electronically to finish the series.

Overall, my impression of the series ended on a much more favorable note. I thought that the story was fun and full of action and an engaging read that kept me interested. This is a series that I might have just shrugged off after the first book had I not already picked up a copy of the next when I bought the first, so I am very glad I gave it a second chance.

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