Book Review

COLD STORAGE by David Koepp

Rating: 3 / 5

COLD STORAGE by David Koepp was the November book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. I put in for my library hold right away without really looking into what the book was about, so this was another book I walked into blind.

COLD STORAGE begins with Roberto Diaz and his partner discovering a strange fungus which has come out of some space debris. It is clearly capable of horrendous things, easily spreading to wipe out the entire town in which it was discovered. They manage to capture a sample and contain the threat, but not without casualties.

It has been many years since this occurrence and Roberto has long since retired, but when he gets the call that the government has been alerted to a containment breach where the recovered sample was stored he jumps into action. It turns out the government sealed off the lower floors of the storage facility and sold off the building to a new civilian owner. The building’s security guards hear the beeping alert on the hidden storage and begin to investigate. They must work with Roberto to try to contain the fungus before it wipes out the world.

David Koepp is the screenwriter for Jurassic Park among other things and this book plays out in a very cinematic way. I can absolutely see it making its way onto the big screen with success. It delivers moments that are fast paced and engaging which worked well for me. That said not everything about the book worked for me and I felt like the overall pacing was off. It started strong for me and had moments throughout where the story was ramping up, but it had a lot of downtime for me as well.

One interesting thing that the author did was give a voice to the fungus itself. In sections of the narrative he switched to the fungus’ POV as it worked out ways to escape containment and encountered various people and animals. Similarly there were moments where the animals’ POV was taken on. For me this broke up the narrative just a little too much.

I was definitely interested to see how the story wound up and the book kept me engaged to find out, but overall it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.

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