My Jar of TBR & 2020 Reading Challenges

As we head toward the end of 2019, I have started to set some goals and plans for my 2020 reading. 2019 was an amazing reading year for me and being part of bookstagram and starting my reading blog has been a big part of that. I had set out to complete a few reading challenges this year (and successfully finished most) and have been having a lot of fun with exploring new books during buddy reads as well. I have finished over 300 books this year, but don’t anticipate always keeping up this pace. I’m setting some lofty goals for myself in 2020, but I’m not going to ever push myself to meet all of these goals if they don’t remain fun.

For 2019, I participated in a few different reading challenges. I had a pretty good head start on those before launching my bookstagram and my blog so it wasn’t too hard to complete these challenges, but it might be more of a challenge balancing buddy reads and ARCS along with these challenges for 2020 so I’m going to see how it goes.

In an attempt to keep myself on track and just to switch things up a bit in a fun way, I have created my Jar of TBR! for all of the challenges I’m planning to participate in, I have put the prompts on color coded slips and I will be pulling some each month.

Around the Year in 52 Books – This is a Goodreads based reading challenge that I have participated in for the past few years. The 52 prompts for this list are generated by the members and votes are held to decide on the final list. It is a really fun process and a great way to expand your reading horizons. These prompts are in green.

Popsugar Reading Challenge is a list put out by Popsugar with 50 prompts. They have 40 more general prompts and then 10 “advanced” prompts which are all centered around the number 20 for 2020! They have a Facebook group set up and there is an active Goodreads group as well. These prompts go in my jar on pink!

Reading Women Challenge is a newer challenge for me, having just started it mid-year in 2018. This one is hosted by the women at Reading Women Podcast which I have found to be a great resource for book recommendations to ensure that I’m reading more female authors. This has 24 prompts plus 2 author prompts, all with the focus on reading books by and about women. These prompts are on blue.

The Jar of TBR! My plan is to start planning each month about a month early. Some books may require library holds and/or time to track down a copy so I want to leave myself some time and flexibility. Some may be books that I need suggestions on, so I plan to be documenting my progress in my bookstagram stories each month. I’m really looking forward to getting going on it! A few of my TBR goals:

  • I will ensure that I have pulled a few from each challenge each month (hence the color coding).
  • If a book works for a category in more than one challenge then I will count it twice, but my goal is to only use a book once per challenge.
  • There are a few categories that are time specific (ex: read a banned book during banned book week) and a few where I have the perfect book already planned for a buddy read at some point during the year, so I’ve left those out of the jar.
  • I will try to fit some of my ARCs and buddy reads into the categories I pull when possible… I can get creative!
  • Most importantly, keep it fun! If I’m not on track to finish all of the challenges that is okay with me so long as I’m still enjoying the process.

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