Book Review

ONE TRUE LOVES by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 4 / 5

After reading and really enjoying THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO and DAISY JONES AND THE SIX, I knew I wanted to pick up some more titles from Taylor Jenkins Reid. This one fit for the recent #buzzwordathon with a number in the title and I had seen a lot of rave reviews recently so I was excited to give ONE TRUE LOVES a try.

ONE TRUE LOVES begins with Emma Blair as she gets a phone call from her husband. Problem is she’s just been sitting down to dinner with her fiancee and her husband! Emma was married to her high school sweetheart Jesse, living the dream life traveling all around the world together and never settling in one place for too long. On their anniversary, Jesse receives an amazing offer to travel to Alaska, a place he’s never been, so he sets out on his own. Emma gets word that his helicopter has gone down over the ocean and all on board were lost.

Years later, Emma has reunited with an old friend Sam who had always had feelings for Emma, but never spoke up before now since she was firmly committed to Jesse. Now that she’s single again he has his opportunity and Emma is surprised to be falling in love all over again. She’s surprisingly happy settling down in her old home town, holding down a steady job and doing all the things she thought she’d never want to do. When she gets the call that Jesse has been found alive, she is planning a future with Sam. Jesse is ready to pick back up the life that they had been living and Emma has to decide what future she wants.

I will admit that I went into this one with some reservations as I am hesitant when it comes to stories which center on a love triangle, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes there is a love triangle at the center, but a lot of the story really is more about Emma and what she wants out of her life. The story really looks at Emma’s priorities in life and how those things have changed over time. Jesse has been removed from the world in a way where what he wants really hasn’t changed in the time he has been gone. Initially, Jesse almost can’t recognize the woman Emma is now and the life that she’s living.

I really did enjoy this one overall and it is one I’d recommend for a quick, light read that has some good substance to it. I did feel like some things were a little out of the realm of belief (for example, Jesse makes a nearly immediate recovery to reintegrate back into a normal life), but I didn’t feel like that pushed me out of the story at all.

I flew through this one in a single afternoon! I really enjoy Taylor Jenkins’ Reid’s writing and will be happily picking up more of her backlist titles!

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