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THE MOMENTS BETWEEN by Natalie Banks (Out Today!)

Publication Date: 12/6/2019

Rating: 4 / 5

I received THE MOMENTS BETWEEN by Natalie Banks from the author for an honest review.

I had the wonderful opportunity to read this book as part of a buddy read with some wonderful bookstagrammers. When I heard that this was a story that dealt with differing timelines, it immediately grabbed my attention and I was excited to join in!

THE MOMENTS BETWEEN follows Claire DuPont . Claire is still grieving the sudden loss of her husband six months before in in a train derailment. She is now living the life of a single mother, trying to help her children adapt with the support of her family. It comes as quite a shock to Claire to suddenly find her husband alive and well when she awakens one day as if nothing had happened. It takes her a bit to figure out that in fact nothing has happened because the date on the calendar is three months prior to the date of the accident she remembers. Though truly shaken, she has to believe that the whole thing was just a horrible elaborate dream.

Claire tries to settle back into her day to day life and brush off the residual fear left behind by her dream. In time it gets harder to move past her memories as things she remembers from the dream begin to occur in real life. She begins to believe that her dream was anything but and she must seek out answers to find out how to change her husband’s looming fate.

I have read quite a few books this year that dealt with alternate timelines and what can change when a character makes a slightly different decision and this book had another unique take on that theme. The premise definitely kept me hooked to want to see what was coming and how the author would handle Claire’s ability to change her fate.

There were times in the story that I wanted Claire to try different things to change the ultimate outcome, but I think the author portrayed Claire’s confusion very well. After six months of living a shadow of her former life in her grief, Claire is suddenly tasked with living a life back to normal. I could certainly feel for Claire and the fear she is forced to live with.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it for a quick read with an interesting premise!

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