Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE RISE OF MAGICKS is the third in the Chronicles of the One fantasy trilogy by Nora Roberts. I had not remembered putting a hold on it well before it’s recent publication date until I got a notice from the library that it was in. I did want to finish out the trilogy so dived right in over Thanksgiving weekend!

It is hard to speak a lot about this book without spoiling the earlier books, so I’ll more so discuss the trilogy as a whole. The series begins with YEAR ONE. It is New Year’s Eve and the end of one year, the start of the next. Just when everyone should be planning for the new year a sickness begins to spread unchecked and the world begins to collapse. Those who are immune to the sickness are still in danger as not everyone who survives is good. The heroes of our story must make their way out of New York to find others who are good and ready to rebuild society.

Magic also begins to emerge as many who were once normal, everyday humans develop special abilities. The world fills with magical creatures, but also those who fear anyone different and will go out of their way to torture and kill those with magic. As the series progresses the forces of good and evil continue to build in strength heading toward more and more showdowns. The One is prophesied to rise up on the side of good.

This series caries with it a lot of the same vibes as THE STAND by Stephen King, though with more magic and magical creatures. Overall I did enjoy the series. It is always hard picking up a book when it has been nearly a year since you read the last installment, so I think the fact that I was able to quickly get back into the story was a definite strength. There is a huge cast of characters at play in this novel and a lot of locations to keep track of, but I think the way the reader is reintroduced to everyone works well to spark remembrance from the past books.

I think I connected a bit less with this final installment in the series for a couple of reasons. This book is really a culmination of the battle between good and evil that has been building through the series. As such it does focus a lot in on the violence and fighting which I’ve found isn’t my favorite aspects, but that is purely a matter of my tastes.

The three books move forward in time such that the characters leading the charge in the final installment weren’t born at the beginning of the book. I appreciated seeing the way the author handled different characters’ knowledge of the world that is gone. This book comes full circle back to elements from the beginning of book one that I really appreciated!

Overall this was an impressive series as a whole and a massive undertaking and I am glad to have a good conclusion to this story!

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