Book Review

THE LOST HUSBAND by Katherine Center

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LOST HUSBAND by Katherine Center is a book I had seen pop up for a buddy read on Bookstagram. Having really enjoyed the author’s THINGS YOU SAVE IN A FIRE, I immediately put the book on hold at the library. It didn’t come through in time for me to join in on the buddy read, but it looked like a good and fast read so I picked it up over Thanksgiving weekend.

THE LOST HUSBAND centers on Libby Moran. Libby and her two children have been living with her mother after the accident that killed her husband and left her daughter injured. Fed up with her mother’s critical nature, Libby is thrilled to get an offer from her Aunt Jean. Jean has work and a home to share with Libby and a willingness to help with the children. To her mother’s dismay Libby and the kids pack up and move to her aunt’s goat farm. It takes some time to adapt to the farm life, but she soon begins to live again.

I really enjoyed THE LOST HUSBAND. As I had hoped for when I picked it up, it was a lovely light read and Katherine Center’s writing kept me hooked as Libby learned her new life. There are some mini mysteries peppered into the narrative which also kept me wanting to learn more. Why does Libby’s mom hate her aunt so much? What is the deal with the unkempt goat farmer that helps work Aunt Jean’s farm and keeps catching Libby’s eye?

I really enjoyed the character of Aunt Jean as she rescues Libby and the kids from her sister’s control and opens them up to a more free life. She is creative and fun, hunting for treasure with the kids, but also a strong support to her family and to those around her.

This was the perfect fun and uplifting read. Three is a bit of romance, but really it is about Libby rediscovering herself.

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