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Rating: 4 / 5

I’ve had ONE DAY IN DECEMBER by Josie Silver on my list for quite a while and I picked up a copy secondhand for a reading challenge prompt to read a book in the month/season it was set in. Since I wound up not waiting for December to finish my reading challenges I went with something else, but still wanted to give ONE DAY IN DECEMBER a December read.

Laurie sees the man of her dreams sitting at the bus stop one day and he looks up and seems to really see her as well, but before either makes a move to meet Laurie’s bus departs, leaving her supposed true love behind. This moment is the beginning of a decade long quest for true love.

Laurie is convinced that she is fated to meet her bus boy again, even enlisting her best friend Sarah in the search. It isn’t until Sarah introduces her new boyfriend a year later that Laurie sees Jack, the man from the bus again, on the arm of her best friend. Unable to tell Sarah who Jack is to her and sure that Jack has no recollection of seeing her, Laurie commits to making Jack a friend. The novel plays out over the next ten years as their relationship and their lives change.

While I had seen a lot of rave reviews for this book, I hadn’t really ever sat down and read the synopsis so I really didn’t know what to expect from this one. I can certainly understand the love people have for this book as it is incredibly well written. I liked that while the relationship between Jack and Laurie frames the narrative, there is a lot more to the story as Laurie and Jack deal with relationships, careers and family. Being laid out over a decade, there were some moments of frustration with the story, leaving me yelling at Laurie (or the pages that contain her) to just tell everyone the truth!

I read quite a bit of this via audio and I really enjoyed it in that format. The book is primarily told from Laurie’s point of view, from her new resolutions at the start of each year to her interior monologues throughout. The POV does occasionally shift to Jack so we can peek inside his head as well and there is a male narrator for those chunks of the story which I really appreciated.

Overall this was a great read and beautifully written. I read ONE DAY IN DECEMBER in one day in December so clearly I just flew through it! I will definitely look forward to reading more from Josie Silver!

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