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Rating: 4 / 5

My friend Mary (@ahatforeveryread) has a #verychristiechristmas challenge going on this month to celebrate a bit more of the mystery queen before the year is up. It gave me an excellent excuse to add some Agatha to my December reading and THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING seemed a perfect pick!

THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING is a short story which begins with Hercule Poirot being solicited to assist with a sensitive case. A young prince loses a valuable ruby while entertaining a woman who is not his intended bride. A reluctant Poirot is persuaded to investigate, traveling to a country home to join a family for a proper country Christmas. While there the young people in the house decide to play a bit of a prank on Poirot, but can they pull the wool over the great investigator’s eyes?

This was a fun holiday read and a great chance to revisit a bit of Agatha Christie’s writing before 2019 was up. The prank that the younger generation in residence decides to play on the seasoned detective immediately had me waiting for some amusement and the story didn’t disappoint! This wasn’t my favorite Christie tale, likely due to the shorter format which didn’t allow for all of the plot development I’d prefer, but overall I am very glad I picked it up!

I am very glad that I was able to return to an old favorite in Agatha Christie this year and will for sure be adding some to my 2020 TBRs as well!

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