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Rating: 4 / 5

I was lucky to win a copy of SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS by Charlie Donlea way back in the summer from on Bookstagram and have been eager to get to it ever since. Since I’m mostly just mood reading my way through December, it was finally time to pick it up!

SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS follows Rory Moore, a lawyer and a forensic reconstructionist who can piece together details of a crime that others may have missed. When Rory’s father passes away unexpectedly, Rory is left to pick up the pieces of his law practice. Though she dreads actually having to deal with the cases personally there is one she can’t get out of.

In 1979, The Thief was terrorizing Chicago abducting and presumably killing women, but leaving no bodies and no clues behind. Angela Mitchell becomes obsessed with the case and believes that she’s identified the killer. She delivers her information to the police, but disappears before the police can question her. In the present day the man convicted of killing Angela is about to be paroled and this is the case that Rory inherits from her father that she can’t pass off. She is drawn into the mystery of the crimes from decades earlier as well as the mystery of why her father was so involved.

I was immediately drawn into this story and it kept me hooked. We are taken back and forth in time between Angela’s narrative in the summer of 1979 and Rory’s in the present day. We also get peeks into Rory’s father’s original involvement as the mystery plays out. I was equally intrigued by each of the story lines the author delivered.

For any looking for a good book for a neurodiverse character for one of next year’s reading challenges, this would be a good pick as the book has characters dealing with OCD and anxiety as well as autism. It was interesting to traits of these labels typically seen as disabilities really shown at times to be strengths.

Overall I really loved this thriller! This was my first book by Charlie Dunlea but it definitely will not be my last!

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