Monday Morning Reading Check In

Hello book friends, I hope your Monday is off to a good start! Is anyone else wondering how this is already the last week before Christmas week? It feels like it snuck up on me this year! Over on bookstagram there is a #coffeeandcurrentlyreading tag created by @thelittlereadingmermaid which is an opportunity to feature a book that we’re currently reading. I figured that I would start doing the same over here on my blog as well and expand on it just a bit because I’m never only just reading one book!

My weekend involved absolutely no plans and I didn’t even have to leave the house which was lovely. My big excursion for the weekend was venturing out the mailbox for a bead delivery which is nearly as exciting as book mail in my books! 😊 I did spend some time with book friends chatting on Insta about the two buddy reads I was helping to host this month, but mostly I spent the reading with my pup in my lap and a book in my hand!

I started reading DEAR EDWARD by Ann Napolitano this weekend and this is first up when I get home tonight because I’m excited to keep reading! I have this one as a complimentary e-galley thanks to Random House and Netgalley. In this one a plane crashes killing everyone on board save for one little boy named Edward. Having lost his parents and his brother, Edward is trying to find his way in this new version of reality. My heart breaks for Edward and I’m eager to see where his story is heading.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill is this month’s #KingBuddyReads book and I’m at the halfway mark at this one. I’m really enjoying this dark take on a holiday story and I’m eager to get back into it after our next chat! Manx drives around in an old Rolls-Royce Wraith collecting children to take them to an alternate world known as Christmasland. Protagonist Vic has an ability to make her way between worlds herself and she escaped Manx’s grasp once upon a time, but Manx hasn’t forgotten. This book has a touch of holiday and a touch of the creepy and that makes it a perfect read!

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens is also in my currently reading pile and I expect to finish this one today as I’ve switched over to audio for my commute. I don’t think I had ever read this one so it seemed the perfect time for it since I got a lovely edition of this story and a few others from my Coffee and a Classic book box last month!

A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Betty Smith is another buddy read for December, this one with the #ClassicsBuddyRead group! I’m enjoying this one, but it is definitely a slower paced book so I’m taking my time with it, picking up a few chapters here and there ahead of our mid-way check in this weekend! This is the story of Francie Nolan and her family, a depiction of life in an impoverished area of Williamsburg. It is very much focused on characters and the world, not so much on a lot of plot from what I can tell so far. It took me a bit to get into the flow of this one, but now that I am I am looking forward to continuing.

Last but not least, I just barely started THE GIVER OF STARS by Jojo Moyes last night as I wanted to pick something new up before bed so I wouldn’t feel compelled to keep reading until the end. I’m only a chapter or so in, but I’ve heard all sorts of great things about this one. This focuses on women delivering library books on horseback in Depression-era Kentucky.

My main goal for reading this week is to get my currently reading stack a bit more under control by finishing at least a couple of these before next week’s check in!

What are you reading this week? Any titles you are especially hoping to get to before the end of the year?

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