Book Review

WE MET IN DECEMBER by Rosie Curtis

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I had the privilege of helping to host a buddy read of WE MET IN DECEMBER by Rosie Curtis this month with some friends on Bookstagram. The chats over the past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun! I wasn’t able to get a copy from my library (somehow I got lower on the waiting list over the past couple weeks instead of higher) so I completed the read all on audio.

WE MET IN DECEMBER primarily follows Jess, a young woman who has decided to follow her dream and move to London to take up her dream career. She lucks into a great spot in a House in Notting Hill where she will be living with a group of mostly strangers, paying next to nothing in rent. One of the only rules for the house is that there will be no relationships allowed. This of course doesn’t go according to plan as she immediately falls for the boy in the bedroom next door, Alex.

Alex and Jess become friends as Alex plays tour guide to the new Londoner. Things of course never can go smoothly in these types of books, so first Alex breaks the no relationship rules with another of their housemates. Jess gives online dating a shot with some disastrous outcomes. The author keeps you guessing until the end whether these two are meant to be or not.

I have to say that I enjoyed the buddy read aspect of this read more than the actual read itself. The book had its cute moments and I generally liked Jess, but I never really picked up a lot of affection for Alex. Alex is going through a career change as he takes up nursing to give his life more meaning which I can admire, but I still didn’t find myself pulling for him even when the narrative switches to his POV.

In the end this book was an okay light read, but I don’t think it is a story that will really stick with me. That said, I still enjoyed the buddy read experience as a whole!

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