Book Review

25 DAYS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS by Poppy Alexander

Rating: 3 / 5

25 DAYS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS by Poppy Alexander was the December #bookishbuddyread so I decided to add this holiday pick to my TBR. This did actually wind up being my most Christmas-ey of the seasonal reading I did this month.

In 25 DAYS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS we focus on Kate Alexander. Widowed, Kate is now a struggling single mother trying to make ends meet when she is living paycheck to paycheck with no job security coming in the new year. In spite of her lack of resources and dismal future prospects, Kate is determined to make this a Christmas to remember for her son Jack.

Daniel is dealing with his own grief after losing his sister just a year ago. He spends his free time working on a suicide prevention line and working, still thinking of the woman he met selling Christmas trees the previous year. When his path crosses Kate’s again, he begins to integrate himself into Kate’s plans for a brighter future.

I had very mixed feelings about this as a whole. It was much darker than I realized it would be. Kate is torn between putting food on the table and giving her son a good life. He has special needs not always being met in the school he attends, but they aren’t quite destitute enough to qualify for extra assistance. Kate is blessed with good friends who give her a helping hand, but the overall sadness she’s facing overwhelmed the story a bit for me.

There are cute elements to the story as well. I loved the idea of the homemade advent calendar Kate receives. Not only does it give out a piece of candy each day, but Kate adds a Christmas activity to the calendar each day for her and Jack to do from window shopping to seeing the Christmas lights.

In all this wound up being an okay read for me, but I felt like there was perhaps just a bit too much going on that overshadowed the more uplifting elements of the story.

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