Book Review

FEED by Mira Grant

Rating: 4.5 / 5

FEED by Mira Grant was December’s book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. This was a book I read on audio many years ago when it popped up on a library recommendation list when I was in need of my next audiobook for my commute. I was quickly hooked and blasted through the whole series so I was thrilled to have an excuse to revisit this old favorite!

FEED takes place in a not too distant future. Science has cured the common cold and cancer, but as a result they’ve infected every living mammal over a certain weight with Kellis-Amberlee and when the body dies, the virus kicks into gear and reanimates the body and you’ve got a hungry zombie looking to infect and devour.

Our narrator George, along with her brother Shaun and their friend Buffy, runs a media site. The world has learned not to trust the mainstream media and instead turns to bloggers like these three, from Newsie George who is reporting the facts, Irwin Shaun who likes to get out there and poke at the hungry zombies for ratings and Fictional Buffy who writes the poems and stories that keep the world entertained. They have just been chosen as the bloggers who will be following presidential hopeful Ryman on the campaign trail with inside access. This is the opportunity of a lifetime with every chance that the secrets they uncover may get them killed.

This book is a wild ride and I enjoyed it just as much this time in print as I did the first time on audio. The book starts out with action and it keeps up a fast pace throughout. Mira Grant does an amazing job of using George’s narration and snippets of blog posts to smoothly integrate the back story about how the world fell apart and how it is trying to put itself back together.

Be warned that this isn’t a world where everyone can expect a happily ever after and it is a world naturally full of violence and gore. As is usually the case, often the living, healthy humans are a worse enemy than the actual monsters!

This was a true page turner for me and I read the whole thing in little more than a single day. It has been long enough since I read it the first time that some of the twists still caught me off guard. I am now committed to finding a place to get the rest of the books in the Newsflesh trilogy on my TBR ASAP!

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