Book Review

YOU WERE THERE TOO by Colleen Oakley (Out 1/7/2020)

Publication Date: 1/7/2020

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I received a digital galley of YOU WERE THERE TOO by Colleen Oakley for an honest review. Thank you to Berkley Publishing and Edelweiss for the chance to read and review!

YOU WERE THERE TOO focuses on Mia Graydon. She seems to have the perfect life and the perfect marriage to those outside and looking in. What others may not see is that there are cracks in her marriage. She desperately wants a baby, but she has lost several pregnancies and this has created strain in her marriage. Her husband is dealing with his own difficulties at work as well. Mia and her husband have moved to a small town, hoping to find a more peaceful life.

Another element of Mia’s life is her dreams. She has been having ongoing dreams featuring one man who she doesn’t know, but knows is not her husband. She dismisses them for the most part until she is standing in the market and sees the man she has been dreaming of for so long. Even more shocking is the fact that he has been dreaming of her as well.

I find the concept of dreams to be very interesting so this book premise called to me. There is a nice element of mystery as Mia and her dream man try to figure out what is behind their dreams. Love triangles can be a big no go for me in books and that is an element here as Mia feels torn between her fragile marriage and the man who seems fated to be in her life. That said, I though that the relationships here were very well done and the difficulty that Mia faced felt very real such that it didn’t bother me at all.

Overall this was a book I was very excited to have picked up. It delivered strong characters and a twist I didn’t see coming, a mixture of heartache and sweet moments throughout. YOU WERE THERE TOO is very TBR worthy so keep an eye out for it on its publication date on January 7, 2020!

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