Book Review

ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White (Out 1/14/2020)

Publication Date: 1/14/2020

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I received ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White from a giveaway on Goodreads! Thank you to William Morrow for the chance to read provide an honest review review!

ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE follows the lives of three women, all of whom have ties to the Ritz hotel in France. In 1914 Aurélie leaves her mother’s comfortable spot at the Ritz to go to her ancestral home with her father. While there the home is commandeered by Germans as a base and Aurélie must find ways to help the residents survive the brutal invasion. In 1942 in the face of another war Daisy is enlisted by her American grandmother to aid the cause of the resistance behind the back of her husband who is collaborating with the Nazis. In 1964 Babs is dealing with the loss of her husband, a man who was in France during the war. She is contacted by an American lawyer looking for information on a mysterious woman La Fleur that Babs knows her husband knew once upon a time. Babs heads to the Ritz to seek out answers.

This novel proceeds in alternating chapters as the lives of these three women play out. There is intrigue over the identity of La Fleur and how exactly Bab’s late husband Kit came to know her. As the story progresses the lives of these women begin to intertwine and Babs will find the answers she seeks and more.

I really enjoyed ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE. Multiple perspective books can be a bit of a risk for me since I often find myself much more drawn to one story line than the others, but in this book each of the story lines kept me equally entranced. This was the perfect blend of historical fiction with a bit of mystery and a light touch of romance.

I really enjoyed each of the lead characters though each is very different. Aurélie is a feisty woman who is not going to take no from her mother or from the Germans. Daisy is reluctant to risk her family by getting involved, but she can’t help but act when she sees what the Nazis are doing. Babs is a woman who is hurting after the loss of the only man she’s ever known, but she’s willing and able to step outside of her comfort zone to slowly find ways to embrace a new life.

For historical fiction fans, I highly recommend ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE which will be out on 1/14/2020!

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