Monday Morning Reading Check In

Hello book friends! And happy Monday! How was your weekend? My weekend was good overall, but last night was rough. It is super windy here in SoCal and things were banging around outside all night long. My little pup Kylee was completely freaked out and kept waking me up for reassurance and when a plastic bag blew into the patio at 3a.m. the whole neighborhood heard about it. So… coffee is 100% my best friend this morning!

Last night I picked up DEATH IN THE FAMILY by Tessa Wegert which is coming out from Berkley Publishing on 2/18/2020. This was one of the books I was lucky to get in a giveaway recently and I was excited to have a mystery story to pick up! This cover and the synopsis had some Agatha Crhistie vibes going for me so it seemed best to pair it with my new AC mug!

DEATH IN THE FAMILY begins with our detective Shana on her way to a mandatory counseling session. In the brief prologue we find out that she is being seen for trauma incurred in the pursuit of a serial killer to whom she had a connection. This gives just enough to have me wondering what that full story is! From here, the story then jumps forward a bit more than a year. Shana has left Manhattan behind, working now in an area of upstate New York where crime is minimal and people leave their doors unlocked.

As the book gets going, Shana is handed an intriguing new case. In a large house on an isolated island, a woman woke up in a bed soaked with blood and her boyfriend, a member of a prominent New York family, is missing. There are only nine people on the island and a storm brewing outside, so Shana and a partner head to the island to investigate. I am only a few chapters in, but there are already hints of family tension and I can’t wait to meet the full cast of characters!

In addition to this one, I do have a few more reads underway:

*SO WE CAN GLOW by Leesa Cross-Smith – this a short story coming out from Grand Central Publishing on 3/10/2020. I first heard about this one on the Reading Women Podcasts’ recent most anticipated releases episode and was SO excited to get an email from Goodreads saying I had won a copy. In the meantime I got a copy off Netgalley so I can start it ahead of the release date. I love having a short story collection going to pick up stories between bigger reads and this one is great so far! I’m only a couple stories in, but I am loving her writing and the female focused stories!

*THE FOUNTAINS OF SILENCE by Ruta Sepetys – I started this one yesterday also for a buddy read on Instagram. This was one of my BOTM picks a couple months back so was excited to get the nudge to bump this one up the TBR as I have loved the author’s previous books. This one is set in 1957 Madrid, Spain. We are following a cast of characters with multiple points of view including a young photographer from Texas who has experienced a life of privilege but has a keen eye to see the world around him, and a young local woman working in the hotel who must cater to the wealthy tourists’ every need while trying to make ends meet at home. This one has been a fast read so far and I look forward to the discussion.

*KINDRED by Octavia E. Butler – I started this one on my commute to work this morning on audio because I know there are people waiting on me to finish! I have had this one on my shelf for quite a while and I have been eager to read something by the author. I am only one drive in on this one, but we are following Dana who is a young black woman living in California in 1976. She finds herself suddenly transported through time and space to Maryland in the days of slavery, appearing in times of trouble to a young white boy. I am so excited to continue on with this one!

It is that time of the month when I am starting a bunch of different books for buddy reads, but I feel like I have a great mix going on and I’m looking forward to continuing on with all of these. What are you reading this week?

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