Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

I had previously posted a review for FEED by Mira Grant when it was December’s book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. It was a reread for me (not something I do often) and really held up to the second read so I decided to finish out the series. It also seemed the perfect fit to fulfill some reread prompts for my reading challenges and the prompt for a place and/or time you wouldn’t want to live in because… zombies!

It is always hard to review subsequent books in a series and it is no different with DEADLINE (book two) and BLACKOUT (book three) because a drastic turn at the end of FEED (book one) really would be spoiled by saying anything about the plot of these books. Going back to where the series begins, the Newsflesh trilogy takes place in a not too distant future. Science cured the common cold and cancer which sounds great, but the combination of these cures caused a serious problem. Everyone in the world (and all mammals over a certain weight) are infected with Kellis-Amberlee and when killed will reanimate hungry for flesh. Fun!

Blogging has largely taken the place of traditional news and this series focuses in on the staff of After the End Times, initially started by George and her adopted brother Shaun. They grew up in a less than traditional family after their adoptive parents’ first son was killed, raised in the media spotlight. As the first book opens they along with their staff have been invited to follow the campaign trail of a presidential hopeful. Along they way they face dangers both of the living and dead variety, uncover conspiracies and delve into complicated relationships.

I think the first book in the series remains my favorite of the lot. I like that it is a combination between a fantastical setting outside of the norm, but with a way of making it sound realistic. Pharmaceutical companies jumping ahead on the cure for diseases that will make them a hero without proper testing? Politics run amok? These don’t exactly sound too far fetched even as I don’t expect my world to be overtaken by zombie hoards.

There is a book I think is more of a companion novel (different characters, same universe) and several novellas that have spun off of this series that I would like to eventually pick up, but I was glad to make my way through the main trilogy this month. These books are fantastic on audio, though I did do some of my reading this time in print as well since my first read was entirely audio. They are a quick read and a series I would recommend.

Reading Challenges:

#AroundtheYearin52Books – A book set in a place or time that you wouldn’t want to live

#CRChallenge2020 – Enjoy Instead of Just Achieving (re-read an old favorite)

#MMDChallenge – A re-read

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