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Rating: 5 / 5

HOMEGOING by Yaa Gyasi is a book I have had on my TBR for a few years. I have slotted into reading challenge prompts a few times and even bought a copy last year, but have always put it off for one reason or another. I put this one into my poll for what book I should read with an author whose name I wasn’t sure how to pronounce and this one came in on top so I finally picked it up!

HOMEGOING is a family saga following the family lines of two half-sisters, Effia and Esi over the generations beginning in 18th century Ghana. One sister winds up living in a castle, married to an Englishman while the half-sister she never knows is imprisoned down below as a slave to be shipped off to America. In alternating chapters we get a glimpse of life for each subsequent generation and the changes each family goes through. Though most many of the lead characters don’t have a full history of their lineage, there are bonds that time them together. The story continues through to the present day.

I loved this book! This is definitely kicked off February on a high note! The way the book is written, alternating between family lines back and forth almost has the feel of interconnected short stories. We don’t get a full picture of a character’s entire life, but we get to see a pivotal moment in their life. The book touches on the slave trade and the cocoa industry in Ghana. In the U.S. we see the horrors of slavery, coal mining and drug addition and through it all the family’s ability to persevere.

I did the majority of the book on audio which was wonderful because over the generations there were many names I wouldn’t have known how to pronounce apart from the author’s. The narration was so well done that I would absolutely recommend it in that format. Though I found it pretty easy to keep up with the switches in character and how they interrelate, there is a handy family tree in the book as well which is a nice feature.

Though I have seen multiple recommendations for this one, the term “family saga” always puts me off for some reason. I am so glad that I finally had the opportunity to pick this gorgeous book up!

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#AroundTheYearin52Books – A book by an author whose real name(s) you’re not quite sure how to pronounce

7 thoughts on “HOMEGOING By Yaa Gyasi”

  1. I love Homegoing! It’s amazing that the author was 26! It’s an ambitious read and I had to take notes at first! I read it on kindle and didn’t realize there was a family tree!

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    1. It was so fantastic! I did a screenshot of the family tree so I could take it on the road with me since I was doing alot via audio on the road. It came in handy especially when I put down the book and picked it back up and needed to remind myself where I was in the family tree. 🙂

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