Monday Morning Reading Check In

Hello book friends! And happy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather folks promised a rainy Sunday which had me so excited to sit and read by the window snuggled up with Kylee and my blankets. I was very disappointed to wake up to sunny skies. The day finally clouded up and gave me a bit of rain, so it was a good time to pick up a new book, DARLING ROSE GOLD by Stephanie Wrobel. Having a cupcake on hand to match was an added bonus!

DARLING ROSE GOLD begins following Patty Watts on the day she is being released from jail. She has served a five year sentence for poisoning her own daughter Rose Gold to make her appear sick for her entire life. Though Rose Gold was the one who took the stand to ensure her mother’s conviction, she is also the one who shows up with her baby boy in tow when her mother is released to take her mother into her home.

This isn’t a happily ever after reunion between mother and daughter and each woman is holding a grudge. From what I have read thus far, we are getting alternating perspectives between Patty and Rose Gold with narrative in present day and the past to lay out the story from each of their perspectives. I’m really intrigued by this one so far and look forward to continuing when I get home from work tonight.

In addition to this one, I do (OF COURSE) have a few more reads underway:

*CHRISTINE by Stephen King is a reread for me for the #kingbuddyreads on Instagram. In this one our narrator is Dennis who is watching his best friend Arnie. When they spot a dilapidated old Plymouth Fury for sale Dennis sees it as a piece of junk but Arnie falls in insta-love. He is giving his everything to fixing up this car, but the changes in the car and in Arnie don’t appear to be entirely natural. I’m doing this one on audio and it’s a fun read!

*WOOL by Hugh Howey is an Omnibus Edition of five books/novellas by the author. It begins with a very short glimpse of the world of this story. People are living in silos buried underground with a very narrow glimpse on the outside world. There is a bit of intrigue about what isn’t known about the silo’s history and what exactly has happened in the outside world. After the first story I’m hooked. This is also my first experience reading something with Kindle in Motion where there is added art and video embedded in the text if you read on a compatible Kindle which is very cool!

*GOOD OMENS by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is my current audiobooks read between needing to catch up on buddy reads. I was down with a headache for part of the day yesterday, so wanted to give my eyes a break for a while and dove into this one. Armageddon is nigh according to the prophesies of Agnes Nutter and things are getting underway. Problem is that there’s an angel and a demon who have decided they like life on earth as it is and they’ve decided to put things to a stop. I’m really enjoying the humor in this one and the overall tone. I’m not too far in, but this one will be coming with me today as I’m spending quite a bit of time in my car between meetings today!

I’m also still working on a couple that I already talked about last week so I won’t go into details, but I am still enjoying both SO WE CAN GLOW by Leesa Cross-Smith (a short story collection out on 3/10/2020.) and THE FOUNTAINS OF SILENCE by Ruta Sepetys (a historical fiction YA book for a buddy read that I’ll be reading throughout the month).

It is hitting that time during the month that I’m realizing that my February TBR was very ambitious and I’m wondering if some of my reads may need to continue into March? Time will tell, but I am enjoying all of the books I picked for the month so I’m not too worried about it! What are you reading this week?

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