Book Review

DEATH IN THE FAMILY by Tessa Wegert (Out 2/18/2020)

Publication Date: 2/18/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

I won an uncorrected proof of DEATH IN THE FAMILY by Tessa Wegert. Thank you to Berkley Publishing for the review copy! I had originally picked a book off my shelf to fulfill my reading challenge prompt to read a mystery, but it wound up being more thriller than mystery. Thankfully this book was the perfect fit for the mystery prompt.

In DEATH IN THE FAMILY we are following detective Shana Merchant. While working for the NYPD she was abducted by a serial killer, something that has left her understandably reeling. Thirteen months later Shana is now living in upstate New York where crime is practically unknown. Even so, as the book really kicks off she is summoned to a supposed crime scene. On a private island, a young woman has awoken to a bed full of blood and a missing boyfriend. Shana and her partner Tim must travel out to the island to investigate.

On the island we find a prominent, wealthy family who are full of secrets and misdeeds to uncover. A storm has descended outside cutting off additional help and Shana and Tim are left to question all of the missing man’s family and friends to confirm what has happened. As the story progresses we get clues into the man’s disappearance and also clues as to what exactly happened with Shana during her traumatizing abduction.

I read this book in the middle of a massive wind storm in Southern California, so it was perfect timing. The weather outside really matched the ambiance of the novel and helped increase my enjoyment even more. I really enjoyed Shana as a character. She makes some bad moves and is far from perfect, but she has a great strength as well.

I thought that the mystery was well laid out here. The author progresses things well, dropping in clues and red herrings. This is a family that is full of drama and unlikable characters and will leave you thinking that many of them could have been the culprit. The mystery central to the story comes to a satisfying ending, while the book does leave some unanswered questions about Shana’s story that will no doubt continue on in the next book as this is listed as the first book in the Shana Merchant series. I will absolutely be back to pick up the next book!

DEATH IN THE FAMILY by Tessa Wegert will be out on February 18, 2020!

Reading Challenges:

#AroundtheYearin52Books – a mystery

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