Book Review

THE KINGDOM OF BACK by Marie Lu (Out 3/3/2020)

Publication Date: 3/3/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

I won an Advance Reading Copy of THE KINGDOM OF BACK by Marie Lu as part of a giveaway on Bookish First! Thank you to Penguin Teen for the chance to read provide an honest review review!

THE KINGDOM OF BACK is a YA historical fiction fantasy novel. Nannerl Mozart is the older sister of the better known Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nannerel is a musical genius in her own right, but being a woman of the 18th century she is expected to play only until she is of marriageable age. She longs to compose her own music but knows her father will not allow her such pursuits. As her brother grows up behind her he too begins to show amazing musical talents and Nannerl feels as though she is getting lost in his shadow.

Wishing primarily to be remembered instead of forgotten by history, Nannerl is approached by a magical boy from the Kingdom of Back, a world she had thought she’d dreamed up. This alternate world becomes intertwined with her reality as she grows closer and closer to the age where she will have to abandon her musical pursuits. Nannerl is willing to make sacrifices to achieve her dreams, but how far she is willing to go is called into question.

I have enjoyed Marie Lu’s writing in the past, so was excited when I received notification that I had won a copy of THE KINGDOM OF BACK. Having read the first chapters before entering the raffle, I knew this was a book that was going to hook me right away. Marie Lu’s writing is beautiful and lyrical and it really draws you in.

The story has the feeling of a dark fairy tale full of magical creatures and stories within stories. At the same time you get depictions of 18th century Europe as the Mozart family travels between countries to show off the children’s talents. It made for such an interesting mix! The book keeps you guessing who can and can’t be trusted and what exactly is going on in the intersection of the real world and the kingdom.

This is a book I would heartily recommend checking out when it is released on 3/3/2020, so keep an eye out for this gorgeous cover!

This was my first experience with Bookish First and it was a great one! If you aren’t familiar I would recommend that you check out my links page for more information. My referral code will get you some bonus points toward earning some free books of your own.

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