Monday Reading Check In

Hello book friends and happy Monday! Last week’s Monday post being on a holiday Monday was so nice, but sadly this is a regular working Monday. This is definitely a coffee necessary kinda day!

For this final Monday of February, I am currently reading BEFORE ANYONE ELSE by Leslie Hooton (with thanks to the author for the complimentary copy for an honest review). As the book opens, our main character Bailey is coming home for Christmas. Bailey’s mother died before she knew her so Bailey was raised in the all male household made up of her father and brother Henry, along with the frequent presence of her brother’s best friend Griffin.

Bailey fell for Griffin early on, though her career as a restaurant designer has her in New York while Griffin and Henry have launched successful restaurants back home. Bailey and Griffen’s relationship appears to be undefined and of course there are difficulties ahead. The relationships between Henry and Griffin and Bailey and her father are also showing some strain so I’m eager to find out more about what is going on there! BEFORE ANYONE ELSE is out March 24th!

In addition to this one, I of course have a few more reads underway though as my buddy reads wrap up for February the list is getting shorter! I also started THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabel Allende this weekend. I had tried starting this one earlier in the month and struggled to get into it. The format has very long paragraphs often two pages long and really long chapters and at the time I was struggling a bit reading in print due to a persistent headache so I set it aside. I used Scribd to get the audiobook and I’m enjoying it in this format. This is a family saga set in Latin America following the Trueba family. It weaves together real life situations with a bit of the supernatural in a great way. I’m glad I picked it back up on audio for another shot.

A few of the books, I’ve mentioned in prior posts are still on the go as well. ELANTRIS by Brandon Sanderson is an ongoing read for the #Cosmerealong and this one will continue on into March. SO WE CAN GLOW by Leesa Cross-Smith (a short story collection out from Grand Central Publishing on 3/10/2020) is one I have been enjoying. Since I like to read a few stories between other reads, these collections always take a bit longer to get through but I’m hoping to finish this one this week.

How was your weekend? What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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