Book Review

NINTH HOUSE by Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 4 / 5

NINTH HOUSE by Leigh Bardugo was one of many books I picked up last year that I didn’t get finished before 2019 came to an end. Though I had no shortage of options for the “meant to read in 2019” challenge prompt, I picked a few that I was eager to get to and bookstagram voted to have this one on my February TBR.

In NINTH HOUSE, Alex Stern is a young woman with a sordid past. She dropped out of high school and hung out with her drug dealing boyfriend and his less than savory crowd. After surviving a horrific attack which left her friends dead, Alex is determined to get back on track. When she gets the opportunity to attend Yale it seems almost too good to be true and even her own mother doesn’t believe it.

Alex’s attendance at Yale comes with some unique requirements involving her unique abilities to see “grays”, those who have died but can still cross through the veil in some small way onto the living’s side. It turns out Yale is home to a lot of secret societies. These societies deal in magic and their activities are not always in the best interest of the rest of the student population and surrounding areas. When a woman turns up dead, Alex is determined to find out what has gone on.

I really enjoyed NINTH HOUSE. I liked the way it mingled a bit of the real world in with the dark fantasy elements of the secret societies. The book is almost a mashup of mystery and fantasy with a bit of police procedural. It is a bit of a slow burn, but there was enough going on to keep me engaged. I did wind up reading the majority of this one via audio and really enjoyed it in that format.

I enjoyed Alex as the lead character. She has an ability to see the grays that neither she nor those around her understand. Her mentor has disappeared under mysterious circumstances also, which leaves her a bit at a loss with how to handle her role at Yale. As a reader, we are learning this world right along with Alex.

This was my first Leigh Bardugo novel and I really enjoyed it. Good news for me since SIX OF CROWS is on my March TBR!

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