Book Review


Rating: 3 / 5

ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? by Lucy Vine arrived in a recent Unplugged Book Box. When I pulled a book involving social media out of my Jar of TBR, I picked this one up. I didn’t know much about this one, but the main character is writing a blog, the posts for which appear throughout the books so I knew it would perfectly fit the prompt!

Alice has just turned thirty and her birthday dinner winds up a bit of a disaster. Her friends have coupled up while she is stuck in an on again, off again relationship with kind of a jerk. Her best friend has a boyfriend that Alice hates and surprise, they announce they are pregnant at Alice’s birthday dinner. Alice gets falling down drunk and winds up sexting her boss and pretty much blowing up her life.

In trying to pick up the pieces of her life and repair her relationships, Alice decides to take her newly unemployed self on an adventure. She starts up a blog and heads for first Los Angeles and then Thailand with plans for a third destination yet to be determined. Her goals are to have fun and to refocus before moving on with being thirty.

This book left me with a lot of mixed feelings. There were absolutely laugh out loud moments that kept me entertained. On the other hand, I also found it easy to put down and walk away from for extended periods so it took me a while to get through it. I think in the end it is a book that could have stood to be a bit more edited down and tightened up so the book would have been a bit more fast paced and a bit shorter.

I did really like the way the author used Alice’s blog in the story. Each chapter begins with a new blog post detailing the glamorous adventures she is undertaking from award shows in Los Angeles with the famous to a spiritual wellness retreat in Thailand. The reality of Alice’s story is a lot less glamorous of course, which is clear from the rest of the narrative. The book includes comments on the blog post and a forum moderator in charge of keeping the peace all to great amusement.

In the end I am glad that I picked this book up to satisfy my challenge prompt as it was quite different from the rest of my March TBR and did provide some good laughs!

Reading Challenges:

#PopsugarReadingChallenge – a book involving social media

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