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Monday Reading Check In

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press / Minotaur Books and Netgalley for the complimentary eARC of LITTLE SECRETS by Jennifer Hillier!

Hello book friends! I hope that you are all hanging in there whether you be home with the joys of social isolation or whether you’re still out there on the front lines keeping essential services in motion. I’m somewhat in flux still at the moment. I work for a social services company that can stay open, but my job site doesn’t provide any direct services and my job can be done remotely, so my situation isn’t entirely settled. For today, however, I am working at home with my furry side kick helping out. It seems appropriate given that it is National Puppy Day!

My reading last week was pretty bad as a whole with all the distractions of tracking the news, hunting down much needed supplies at work and at home and just trying to figure out what “normal” even means anymore. Thankfully things did calm down a bit over the weekend. I participated in the #stayhome24in48 and while I didn’t come close to hitting 24 hours (and frankly forgot about even tracking my time much of the weekend), I did get a lot more dedicated reading time in than I had the rest of the week prior!

I picked up LITTLE SECRETS by Jennifer Hillier last night and didn’t make it too far in before bed, but I’m excited to continue this one tonight! I have heard nothing but good things about this author and I actually have her JAR OF HEARTS on my shelf that I’ve been dying to get to!

LITTLE SECRETS follows Marin Machado, a woman with an ideal life until something goes horribly wrong. Her son Sebastian is taken and Marin is absolutely gutted. Nearly a year and a half later Marin is still trying to get her life back on track with a marriage in tatters and suicide daily on her mind. I don’t know much beyond this but I am already hooked. I feel so badly for Marin and I can’t wait to see where this story is taking me!

I actually did a good job of wrapping up some of my in progress reads this weekend, but I of course have a few more still in progress:

In need of a new audiobook while cooking dinner last night, I started THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES by Agatha Christie. This one checks off two reading prompts, a book written by an author on the Abe List of 100 Essential Female Writers and also a book in a series with more than 20 books. This is Agatha Christie’s debut and it is the first introduction to her detective Hercule Poirot. I’m only a couple chapters into this one, but Poirot is on the case of a woman suspected of being poisoned with plenty of potential suspects on hand. I always enjoy a good Christie book and I’m sure this one will not be an exception.

THE STARLESS SEA by Erin Morgernstern and SCYTHE by Neal Shusterman are still in progress for buddy reads and I am still really enjoying both.

Did you get any good reading in this weekend? How are you holding up under the ever evolving situation we find ourselves in?

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