Book Review

REVENGER by Alastair Reynolds

Rating: 3.5 / 5

REVENGER by Alastair Reynolds was March’s book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. I didn’t know anything about this one going in and didn’t even read the synopsis until I was a few chapters in.

REVENGER is essentially a pirate story in space. The galaxy has seen tremendous changes with planets and empires destroyed, but there still exist people intent on making a fortune. We follow Adrana and Fura Ness as they join up with a crew headed by Captain Rackamore. The reader is introduced to the life of the scavengers along with the new recruits as they learn how to find old abandoned worlds to raid. Things are never easy and there are of course competing forces, some intent on enacting a personal vendetta against the captain.

I started this one on audio in spite of recommendations against it because that is usually my go to medium for longer books, but I will admit this one was a struggle on audio (though I found that it did get better later into the book and/or I got more used to the narrator and how she voiced the various characters). I switched to the print version for much of the text and sadly it was still a bit of a struggle.

I found the concept of the story and the world to be very interesting, but I didn’t fully connect with it. There was a lot of information that I felt could have been built up a bit more. This is a sci-fi story, but there are elements of somewhat supernatural powers tied in that the new recruits are meant to learn, but I was disappointed to not really get to understand what was going on with that.

This is the start of a series and it is likely that the series as a whole may flesh out some of the things I felt were missing here. That said I’m not feeling compelled to pick up the next in the series right now. There were some story elements that were intriguing and some plot twists I didn’t fully see coming which is always good. In the end my feelings on this one were really mixed.

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