Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

After thoroughly enjoying UNSUB last month, I immediately picked up INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE, the second book in the series by Meg Gardiner. I knew that this book used Ted Bundy as the inspiration for this book’s villian, but beyond that I didn’t know a lot apart from that I was excited to read it!

INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE brings back Caitlin Hendrix not too far into the future after the end of UNSUB. Caitlin is now working for the FBI with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Caitlin and the rest of the team have been sent to Texas where women keep disappearing on a Saturday night from places one would normally consider safe like a crowded theater or their own peaceful homes.

Caitlin soon discover bodies to match the missing women and it is clear there is a serial killer at work. She must get inside his head to figure out how and why these women are being targeted and who the killer is. This all brings more to light about Catilin’s own past and puts a strain on her present relationships.

This one was another fabulous read! I read the majority of this one on audio which I thought was very well done. I was kept hooked throughout. Caitlin gets some strong suspicions midway through the book as to the identity of the killer, but the author does an excellent job of weaving in questions and wrong turns that really keep the ultimate outcome in question.

While this book brings the case to a good conclusion, it does end with a bit of a cliff hanger which I’m sure leads right into THE DARK CORNERS OF THE NIGHT which just came out in February! I’m excited to pick that one up ASAP!

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