Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Thank you to Danielle Girard and Netgalley for the complimentary eARC of WHITE OUT!

Happy Monday, book friends! I hope the new week is off to an excellent start for you. My weekend flew by, even more than normal I think. I made my first trek away from the house on Saturday to do a quick check in with my parents and let Kylee run off some energy with their dogs. It’s amazing how exhausting a trip out of the house can be right now. I was wiped out the rest of the weekend!

I did get some good reading in over the weekend as well and I’m really enjoying all of my current reads. Last night I was in the mood for a thriller, so picked up my eARC of WHITE OUT by Danielle Girard. In this one we have Lily who has survived a car accident, but she has lost her memories about who she is. On the same night a woman with some connection to Lily is killed and thrown in a dumpster. The only detective in town is Kylie and she’s assigned to solve the mysteries. This one satisfied the thriller craving last night and I’m excited to get back to it tonight

Being early in a new month, I do have quite a few books that I’ve just started on the go for buddy reads:

I started IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOD LAUGH by Bianca Marais and I flew through the first quarter of the book and can’t wait to continue. In this one we’re following a few different perspectives. Zodwa is a pregnant 17-year old who is living in poverty. Ruth is a wealthy woman, but her inability to have children breaks her heart. Delilah is a failed nun confronted with heartbreak from her past. Ruth and Delilah return to their hometown and find an abandoned baby. I really love Bianca Marais’ writing and it has me immediately hooked to the characters.

I started THE TESTAMENTS by Margaret Atwood on audio in the car on Saturday and have continued it in print. Having just finished a reread of THE HANDMAID’S TALE, this one was perfect timing. In this book, we are following three main characters. We see Aunt Lydia’s origin story as the world before is ending and Gilead is coming. There are also two young girls on opposite sides of things, one who has been raised in a powerful commander’s household and another who has been involved in the protests against Gilead from the outside. I’m really enjoying this one (more than the original story in fact).

FOLLOWERS by Megan Angelo is the book for a buddy read that I’m helping to host and we had our chart for the first half on Saturday. In this one there are two timelines, one being fairly modern day with Floss and Orla, roommates who are gaining a following for sharing their antics with the public. In the future, Marlow has been raised in a world where everything she has ever done has been on camera for public consumption and she’s beginning to rebel. I only was able to get this one on audio with the library being closed and it took me a bit to connect to the dual timeline, but I am finding the future depiction really interesting.

TOIL & TROUBLE: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft is a compilation of fifteen short stories edited by Tess Sharpe and Jessica Spotswood. This has been a good one to pick up a story here and there between other reads. It has also been a good one on audio!

THE STARLESS SEA by Erin Morgernstern is still in progress for the next couple weeks for a buddy read that I’m still really enjoying!

Did you get any good reading in this weekend? What are you currently reading?

2 thoughts on “Monday Reading Check In”

    1. Very nice! I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I am loving all of my in progress reads which is a win! ________________________________


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