Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I won a free copy of HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT by Laura Hankin, out from Berkley on May 19, 2020!

Happy Monday, book friends! How are you holding up? Easter was less than “normal” this year, but I did pay a visit to my parents (since I haven’t gone anywhere other than their house in three weeks now, I figured it was safe) and we had take out Chinese. I did miss getting to spend time with the extended family though.

Yesterday wound up being pretty exhausting, wrangling two dogs and just plain leaving the house! I did get started on a new book last night though. In HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT by Lara Hankin, Claire has been let go by her band just before they start making it big. She’s understandably a bit depressed by the trajectory of her career, especially when everywhere she goes she keeps hearing or hearing about her former band Facing desperate times, Claire agrees to take a new job playing music for some a playgroup of wealthy Park Avenue babies and their mothers. I haven’t made it too far, but there have already been a prologue that has me intrigued and some good funny moments so I’m excited to continue!

I did get in quite a bit of reading over the weekend, so have a few more new books on the go for buddy reads:

On audio, I’ve been listening to SEPARATION ANXIETY by Laura Zigman. This one follows Judy, a woman dealing with failed/failing marriage and a teenaged son who doesn’t communicate with her anymore. One day she stumbles on an old baby sling and through a series of trials and errors, she discovers that carrying around her dog in a sling is a very soothing thing! This has been a fun and funny read so far and a perfect change of pace from some of my other reads!

After loving ELANTRIS last month, I was excited to get started on THE FINAL EMPIRE for the #cosmerealong. This is book one in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. It took me a couple chapters to really engage, but his writing is very approachable and he does an excellent job of building the world and the magic system, so I am eager to keep going on it. THE FINAL EMPIRE is set in a dark world where evil has ruled for a thousand years and countless rebellions have been knocked down. The world is covered in ash and the people are living in poverty and working as slaves. Aided by magic fueled by metals, a new rebellion is just beginning.

Lastly, I also started SERPENT & DOVE by Shelby Mahurin for a buddy read with some bookstagram friends. This one also took me a few chapters to really get into (I think this is pretty standard for me in the initial fantasy book world building stage), but we now have a witch Lou and a witch hunter Reid forced into marriage. And I’m eager to see where this one is going! It is definitely another dark book as the hatred of witches is intense, but I am really enjoying the characters and the story.

I’m also continuing on in IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOD LAUGH by Bianca Marais and I should be wrapping up THE STARLESS SEA by Erin Morgernstern this week!

Did you get any good reading in this weekend? What are you currently reading?

Happy Belated Easter!

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