Book Review

HIDEAWAY by Nora Roberts (Out 5/26/2020!)

I received a complimentary ARC of HIDEAWAY by Nora Roberts. Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the chance to read and provide an honest review.

Release date: 5/26/2020

Rating: 4 / 5

HIDEAWAY follows Caitlyn Sullivan, the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Hollywood royalty. At the age of ten, Cate is taken from her family in an event which understandably leaves her traumatized. The book then follows Cate as a young woman in New York, taking her first steps into adulthood and exploring what her own career will look like. She again finds herself in the spotlight with positive and negative consequences.

The remainder of the book brings Cate back to her family compound in California to reunite with family and old friends. Cate begins to find herself and settle into what she wants from life. Still, there are threats on the horizon and those who don’t want to see a happily ever after for Cate.

I was immediately hooked into the story of HIDEAWAY and immediately felt attached to poor Cate. Even as a young girl, Cate is smart and resilient and more than capable of standing on her own two feet. Still, the events that she faces leave her with understandable emotional scars.

Nora Roberts writes strong, tight knit families well and that is certainly the case here with families that are blood and those that are found. There is enough suspense to get me hooked as a reader, but ultimately you can feel certain that a happy ending is on the horizon. I enjoyed getting a peak into Cate’s life where she records (among other things) audiobooks such as those I devour so often. I laughed at her practicing her voiceover screams while kneading bread, a great combo!

For anyone who wants a good cozy read with a bit of suspense, romance and family drama this is a book to watch out for! HIDEAWAY is out on May 26th!

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